Abtech Precision Limited

Cad/Cam 3D Machining

3D CadThis will save the customer valuable time in adding dimensions to drawings. Once the component is modeled there is no need for paper drawings.

Abtech have invested in the latest CAD/CAM software technology from Delcam. Highly complex Precision Machining can be achieved by this very accurate process.

Delcam’s FeatureCam with FeatureMill 3D, is a powerful tool to read most drawing data formats.

The Process as follows:

  • Receive CAD/CAM Data.
  • CAD/CAM software interrogates CAD model.
  • Using Automatic Feature Recognition the CAD/CAM software picks tools from our tooling library.
  • Tool paths are created.
  • The software will simulate the component being cut from a stock block, which eliminates scrapped components.
  • Tool path data is ready to be transferred to any machine ready to receive the program.

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